Projects in Reliance Infrastructure Limited

Vice President (Regional Head for South) in REL (Now Reliance Infrastructure Limited), an Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Company. Reporting to CEO, H.O.

In present position I am responsible for mobilization & set up, administration, early start of works, quality control & ensuring quality execution, contracts management, team building, timely & efficient execution, liaison works, completion of works and for obtaining COD for the following Highway Projects taken on BOT basis by Reliance Infrastructure Limited in the state of Tamil Nadu.

1. Namakkal – Karur (TN-03): Corridor length 43.975 Kms. From Ch.248+625 to 292+600 of NH-7.
2. Dindigul – Samayanallore (TN-05): Corridor length 53.325 Kms. From Ch.373+275 to Ch.426+600 of NH-7
3. Trichy – Karur: Corridor length 82.20 Kms. From Km.135+800 to Km.218+000 on NH-67
4. Trichy – Dindigul: Corridor length. 88.2 Kms. From Km.333+000 to Km.421+800 o NH-45
5. Salem – Ullundurpet: Corridor length 136.357 Kms. From Km.0+313 to Km.136+670 on NH-68.
6. Hosur � Krishnagiri : Corridor length 59.870 Kms. From Km.33+130 to Km.93 on NH-7

Out of the above, the first 2 projects have been completed and the Project Highways have been already put into Commercial Operations.

1.  The COD (Provisional Completion Certificate) has been obtained for Namakkal – Karur (TN-03) Project on 22-08-2009 and Commercial Operations of the same have commenced w.e.f. 24-08-2009.  The Punch List items are under execution.

2.  The COD (Provisional Completion Certificate) has been obtained for Dindigul – Samayanallore (TN-05) on 28-09-2009 and Commercial Operations have been commenced.  The Punch List items have been completed and the Project has been recommended for issuance of Final Completion Certificate by the Project Director of  Madurai PIU.

I have been successfully dealing with Clients / Independent Consultants / Design Engineers / Construction Contractors and our staff members for execution and completion of the above projects with important inputs as and when required.

3 projects (under Sl.No.3, 4 & 5 above) are under execution with proper monitoring for timely execution with best quality at minimum cost.  Timely technical support is provided to the teams from time to time.

The Contractors are being supported with timely fulfillment of their design / drawing requirements, and by ensuring timely payment of bills, etc.

The administration of the above mentioned 5 projects was very challenging.  However I could successfully deal with the same.   Achieved unblemished management record for managing Clients / Independent Consultants / Design Engineers / Construction Contractors / Outside agencies.  Developed team spirit within the staff members, timely fulfilled their administrative and technical requirements, provided proper technical and administrative support.

The Project under serial No.6, Hosur-Krishnagiri, has been awarded recently.  Project Ofice and facilities are now functional.  Staff mobilization is in progress.

During the tenure I have saved projects’ cost to the extent of Rs.35 Crores in the above projects by eliminating the items of work which are technically not required, though insisted upon by the Client.  The client has been convinced with proper technical reasoning.  The projects are being executed by maintaining very high standards of Quality.

This period offered me an opportunity which comes once in a blue moon, to start highway projects right from the scratch. On my deployment at project sites in Tamil Nadu, I have taken care of initial setting up of projects, mobilization of staff and creation of proper infrastructure. The projects are now being executed unhindered.

This particular period has given me a lot of exposure related to handling of multiple projects simultaneously. It has also given me better opportunity to handle multiple and complex techno-commercial issues related to Highway Construction Projects particularly on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.


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