Senior Vice President - Roads, in M/s. LANCO Infratech Limited.
Working as Head-Road Projects. The present projects are:

1. Aligarh-Kanpur NH-91 Road Project

Project Name: 2-laning of Aligarh to Kanpur section of NH-91 from Km.140+100 to Km.418.162 in the State of Uttar Pradesh on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) on Toll Basis under NHDP Phase-IVA.

Project Length: 282.65 Kms.
Project Cost: Rs.1250 Crores.

Scope of Work :
  1. 10 m wide paved carriageway: 268.83 Kms.
  2. 15 m wide paved carriageway with shoulders in urban areas: 13.83 Kms.
  3. Footpath and lined drains: 42.05 Kms.
  4. New bypass: 3.99 Kms.
  5. New construction of ROB: 5 Nos.
  6. Widening /reconstruction of minor bridges: 7 Nos.
  7. Repair & Strengthening of major bridges: 3 Nos.
  8. Repair & strengthening of minor bridges: 34 Nos.
  9. Toll Plaza: 4 Nos.
Project Status:
  1. Financial Closure has been achieved.
  2. Site Offices & Guest Houses have been set-up.
  3. M/s.Feedback Ventures has been appointed as Design Consultant for the project.
  4. Geo-technical Investigations & Topographical surveys are completed, Plan & Profile and Structural Drawings for entire 283 Kms. have been submitted to IC and approval is obtained.
  5. Land acquisition is in progress.
  6. Joint Memorandum has been prepared and signed by NHAI and Concessionaire�s representatives for taking over of Project Stretch.
  7. Construction Contracts have been awarded to 5 Contractors. Resource Mobilization is in progress by the Construction Contractors.
  8. Utility Shifting Contractor has been appointed and the Contractor is coordinating with concerned departments for sanction of estimates. Out of 6 Districts, Estimates for 4 Districts have been approved by NHAI-HQrs.
  9. GADs for 5 RoBs have been approved by Railways. Design for Foundation, Substructure & superstructure of all the 5 ROBs has been submitted to Railways after Proof Checking of the same by IIT, Delhi.
  10. CD drawings and GADs of minor bridges have been reviewed by IE for the entire length.
  11. Plan & Profile drawings have been reviewed by IE for 80 Kms. Drawings for the balance length are under review by IE.
  12. Pavement Design in-principle approval given by IE. Formal approval is awaited.
  13. Environmental Clearance has been obtained by NHAI in the 4th week of September-2012.
  14. Second Stage Forest Clearance has been obtained in 2nd week of May-2013.
  15. Declaration of Appointed Date is delayed.
Present Status:
Concessionaire and EPC Contractor were fully mobilized to take up the Project. But Environment Clearance and Forest Clearance for the Project were delayed by more than 2 years. This has escalated the Project Cost. We have put up our claims for delays but NHAI did not agree to consider compensation/escalation for the same. As such we have opted for arbitration and arbitration proceedings going on. Final hearings scheduled on 25, 26 and 27 May 2017.

2. Nelamangala-Devihalli NH-48 Road Project

Project Name: Design, Engineering, Construction, Development, Finance, Operation and Maintenance of Nelamangala Junction on NH-4 with NH-48 to Devihalli from Km.28.2 to Km 110 of NH-48 in the State of Karnataka.

Project Length : 81.8 Kms
Project Cost : Rs.441 Crores

Scope of work :
Major Bridges : 2 Nos.
Minor Bridges : 23 Nos.
Service Roads : 43.75 Kms.
Underpasses : 15 Nos. (VUP + PUP)
ROB : 1 No.
Cattle Underpass : 8 Nos.
Culverts : 103 Nos.
Major Intersections : 9 Nos.
Minor Intersections : 29 Nos.

Present Status:
COD is obtained on 25.6.2012. Toll collection in progress. 5 years are completing on 25.6.2017 from COD. 5th year renewal coat/overlay work became due and the same is being done now. This is to be completed by end of June 2017.

3. Hoskote-Mulbagal NH-4 Road Project

Project Name: Design Engineering, Finance, Construction, Development, Operation & Maintenance of Bangalore - Hoskote - Mulbagal section from Km.237.7 to Km.318 on NH-4 in the State of Karnataka under NHDP Phase-IIIA on Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Basis.

Project Length: 80 Kms.
Project Cost: Rs.565 Crores.

Scope of work :
Major Bridges : 2 Nos.
Minor Bridges : 9 Nos.
Service Roads : 69.2 Kms.
Underpasses : 3 Nos.
Flyovers : 9 Nos.
ROB : 1 No.
Pedestrian subways : 3 Nos.
Pedestrian/Cattle UP : 8 Nos.
Rehabilitation of Bridges : 7 Nos.
Culverts : 117 Nos.

Present Status:
COD is obtained on 20.12.2013. Toll collection in progress. 5 years are completing on 25.6.2017 from COD. 5th year renewal coat/overlay work became due and the same is being done now. This is to be completed by end of June 2017.

My present responsibilities also include Business Development related activities for New Road Projects.
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