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The following are some more details about the projects and the responsibilities.

Project Details : 
1. TN-5: Dindigul to Madurai: Corridor length 53.325 Kms. From Ch.373.275 to ch.426.600 of NH-7.

2. TN-3: Namakkal to Karur: Corridor length 43.975 Kms. From Ch.248.625 to 292.600 of NH-7.

M/s. Gannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd. are Construction Contractors for TN-03 package and M/s. SEW-PRASAD-KCPL JV are Construction Contractors for TN-05 package. Setting up of Concessionaire's office, Selection & appointment of Project Managers and other key persons was completed in time. M/s. L&T RAMBOLL were Design Consultants for Dindigul - Samaynallore (TN-05) package and M/s. STUP Consultants were Design Consultants for Namakkal - Karur (TN-03) package.   The structural studies were carried out by M/s. Concrete Structural Forensic Consultants, Bangalore.

Both the above projects are now completed and Toll Collections are in progress. Punch List items which were identified by the Consultants, are now completed.

The following are the salient features of the above projects :

S.No.      Item Description         TN-03 Project              TN-05 Project
1.             Embankment                10.13 Lac Cum.               12.84 Lac Cum.
2.             Subgrade                       7.74 Lac Cum.                6.64 Lac Cum.
3.             Granular Sub Base          1.37 Lac Cum.                2.86 Lac Cum.
4.             Wet Mix Macadam           2.14 Lac Cum.                3.85 Lac Cum.
5.             Bituminous Works            1.44 Lac Cum.                2.02 Lac Cum.
6.             Kerb                                  57 Kms.                  111.31 Kms.
7.             Culverts                             69 Nos.                       123 Nos.
8.             Minor Bridges                       5 Nos.                         25 Nos.
9.             Major Bridges                      1 No. [804 Mtr                  --
                                                    (across Cauvery River)]
10.           ROBs                                          -                            2 Nos.
11.           Flyovers                               4 Nos.                            3 Nos.
12.           Underpass                            6 Nos.                            8 Nos.
13.           Intersections                       61 Nos.                        115 Nos.
14.           Toll Plaza                              1 No.                             1 No.

Variable Message Signs have been provided in both the project corridors.  Latest Toll Management System (provided and maintained by M/s. International Road Dynamics South Asia Pvt. Ltd) and Highway Traffic Management System (provided and maintained by M/s. Larsen & Toubro Limited) have been adopted on both the projects.  Illumination for the projects is carried out by M/s. Bajaj Electricals Limited.

My responsibility includes Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of the above 2 completed projects in the capacity of over-all incharge for the O&M.  Daily monitoring of Toll Collection, monitoring of vehicles traffic volume, providing necessary technical & administrative support for smooth operation of Toll Plazas in the above 2 projects.  Incident Management, carrying out repairs to damaged portions of road due to accidents, preparation of claims for processing insurance for the damaged assets of road. 

Monitoring of Patrolling & Highway Traffic Management Systems for necessary support & guidance to the road users.  Submission of monthly & periodical reports pertaining to Operations & Maintenance to the concerned officials.

Additional responsibilities related to O&M Operations :

  • Formulation, implementation and monitoring of maintenance strategies and performance of maintenance operations.
  • Defining, reviewing and updating of toll collection and highway traffic management system related procedures to ensure desired performance.
  • Planning and developing strategies for increasing revenue and also for improvement of operational efficiency related to Toll Management System (TMS) and Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS).
  • Providing guidance for design, development and Commissioning of Toll Plazas for new projects.
  • Preparation and implementation of Operation & Maintenance contracts related to new projects
  • To keep track of day-to-day development and upgradation in the TMS and HTMS systems across the world and exploring possibilities for integration / utililisation of the same in the existing systems.
  • Overall management and guidance to the Teams related to O& M operations.

In addition to the above, the following projects awarded by NHAI on BOT basis are under execution :

1. Trichy - Karur National Highway Project (approx. 82 Kms.)
Construction Contract is given to M/s. Techtrans & KCPL JV.

            Physical Progress Achieved on date : 46 %
            Financial Progress Achieved on date : 51 %
            4 Laning completed :  38 Kms.

2. Trichy - Dindigul National Highway Project (approx. 88 Kms.)
Construction Contract is given to M/s SEW – KCPL JV.

            Physical Progress Achieved on date :  48 %
            Financial Progress Achieved on date : 54 %
            4 Laning completed:  52 Kms.

3. Salem-Ullundurpet National Highway Project (approx. 136 Kms.)

Project Stretch is divided in two parts.
1st Part Construction Contract is given to M/s. VNC & SDN (JV) and M/s.Gannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd.

2nd Part Construction Contract is given to M/s Oriental Structural Engineers.

            Physical Progress Achieved on date :  39 %
            Financial Progress Achieved on date :  54 %
            4 Laning completed:  48 Kms.

Owners’ Engineers & Design Consultants for the above 3 projects are mobilized.

All the construction activities are in full swing.

4. Hosur – Krishnagiri : National Highway Project (approx. 60 Kms.)

This project is a 6-laning of National Highway recently awarded by NHAI.  The office & staff mobilization is completed and site survey works are under progress.  Financial Closure is in the process.  EPC Contractor is expected to be mobilized shortly and work will be started in full swing within 2-3 months.

This project comprises of Project Execution and Toll Operation activities simultaneously.

Total value of projects in hand as on date : Rs.5000 Crores (approx.) 

Value Additions in the Assignment: : 
This position offered me an opportunity which comes once in a blue moon, to start mega projects right from the scratch. On my deployment at projects' site in Tamil Nadu, I was required to take care of initial project set-up, mobilization of staff and creation of proper infrastructure. The same has been done with success and the projects are being executed unhindered. This proved to be an additional feather in my cap.

This particular position has also given me a lot of exposure related to handling of multiple projects simultaneously. It has also given me better opportunity to handle multiple and complex techno-commercial issues related to Highway Construction Projects particularly on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.


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