Resident Engineer in M/s. JMC Projects (India) Ltd, Ahmedabad.

Widening and Strengthening and 4/6 laning with Service Roads of Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway in Gujarat. Road length 26 kms. Client AMTRL.

As Resident Engineer I was solely responsible for Planning and Start of all project activities right from Jungle cutting to DBM/BM and Kerb laying.
Jungle cutting and handing over of wood to Forest Department. Special care was taken to see safety of workmen and that of road users.
Clearing & Grubbing as per MOST Specifications.
Embankment using local approved soil; as per MOST specifications. The soil available in and around project areas was sandy soil; and special monitoring and checks were needed to maintain required moisture and to obtain required Field Densities.
Subgrade using local approved soil as per MOST specifications with 97% density.

GSB design and approval using naturally available river bed material from Sabarmati river bed. Local soil to the extent of 10% was required to be mixed for obtaining required grading. River bed material was having gravel and sand deposits and required grading was obtained after adding local soil from borrow areas. Laying to required finished levels was done by using Hydraulic Grader Machine.

WMM design by using crushed aggregates and production by using Apollo Wet Mix Plant of Capacity 100 MT/hr. Laying was carried out by using Hydraulic Motor Grader. Work was executed as per MOST specifications and to the entire satisfaction of consultants M/s. LEA Associates South Asia Ltd. Mechanical paver (Apollo Make) was used to lay narrow stretches. MDD varying from 2.21 to 2.43.

DBM/BM: It was executed by using Apollo Ermont (a France based company) batch type Hot Mix Plant having capacity of 160 MT//Hr, having computerized controls. Sensor Paver ABG Titan 325 was used to lay 8.50 m width of DBM/BM. Design mix carried out under my guidance.

KERB CASTING: It was executed by using MBW Paver supplied by American Company; which gave excellent quality product true to lines and levels. During my tenure with M/s. JMC Projects (I) Ltd. I was responsible for total site management, Micro Planning for execution of the activity; strict quality control and for completion of the activity to the entire satisfaction of the consultants M/s. Lea Associates South Asia Ltd.

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