GEA Energy System (India) Ltd
MECON-GEA a joint venture company is executing 2 Port Connectivity Projects as under:
Tutucorin Port Connectivity Project . Widening to 4 lanes and Strengthening of existing 2-Lane carriageway of NH 7A between Km 4/0 to Km 51/2 from Tirunelveli to Tuticorin in the state of Tamilnadu.

Project Details 2 Major Bridges, 11 Minor Bridges & 66 Culverts.

Project Cost Rs. 137.80 Cr.

Total Road Length 47.20 Km.

Client National Highways Authority of India.

Consultants BCEOM – NICE JV.

At the time of my joining the company the progress of work was around 1.72% after a time lapse of 1 year. After joining the company, I have identified the weak areas and have initiated necessary steps to streamline the project. I have mobilized required number of Sub-Contractors and efficient & trained staff and carried out the team building exercise. This has paid dividends. Steps were taken to complete erection of plants at a faster pace.
Revised resources based programme was prepared and is being implemented. Major Bridge length is about 400mtr and it is to be a 4 Lane Bridge. Old Bridge will be abandoned. All the 116 numbers of Piles have been completed. Pile Cap and Pier Cap works are under progress. Road work is now in progress in 36 Kms. BM,WMM and Kerb works have started. WMM 1 st layer has been completed in 7.100 km length. 2 nd layer WMM is completed in 6.150 km length. Hot Mix Plant has been erected and commissioned. BM work has been taken up wef 10 th of September 05 and has been completed in a length of 5.540 km. Kerb is completed in 2.50 km. Design Mix for DBM is being done. Work done during Sep.05 is Rs.2.02 crs. Total work done till now is Rs.12.3 crs. The work progress is now around 9%.

MECON-GEA a joint venture company is executing 2 Port Connectivity Projects as under:
Widening to 4-Lanes and strengthening of existing 2-Lane carriageway of NH-47 including Bridges from Vytilla to Aroor Junction in the state of Kerala

Project Details 4 Major Bridges, 1 Minor Bridge, 3 Underpasses and 11 Culverts.

Project cost Rs. 86.90 Crs.

Total Road length 9.90 Km.

Client National Highways Authority of India. Structures form a major part of this project. Major Bridge length is about 900 mtr.To achieve better output for bridge piling work, 1 Hydraulic Rig mounted on barge was mobilized. Barge design was suggested by IIT Chennai. This has improved the piling output. Apart from this, conventional rigs additional numbers were mobilized for enhanced production. Girder casting is in progress. 16 Girders have been casted. WMM & Hot Mix Plants erection was completed in record time and WMM and DBM activities were taken up and major portion is now completed before onset of monsoon.Work done till date is Rs.23.50 crs. which is 27% of total cost.

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