Chief Construction Manager ( Dy.Project Manager ) in M/s. Elsamex-TWS-SNC JV, Bangalore.

Widening to 4/6 lanes and strengthening of existing 2 lane Carriageway of NH-5 in the state of Orissa, Package OR-III Km136.500 to Km199.141 (Bhadrak to Balasore). Road length 62.50 km

As Chief Construction Manager (Position: Deputy Project Manager) I was responsible for total Project Planning; Setting up of Project Facilities; Manpower & Machinery planning etc. The responsibility also included selection of right people for the job (staff and petty contractors); educating them about the new items and new techniques of the work execution; developing systems for smooth execution of work; quality control, reporting system and satisfactory completion of work. I was also responsible for liaison with consultants and NHAI Officials for smooth day to day working of the project.

Details :
Initial setting up of the Project Facilities.
Survey Work for alignment and fixing up of TBMs etc.
Clearing and Grubbing.
Embankment work as per MOST specifications. Sand was used for embankment of initial layers as most of the area was having stagnant water or was water logged.
Approval of Borrow Materials for Subgrade and GSB.
Taking care of entire construction and related activities for a Rs.200 Crore National Highway Project.
Consultants : M/s. Sheladia Associates (USA).
Dealing with Consultants and Clients.

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